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How does it work?
The built-in motion sensor on Flippity Fish™ activates when your cat is nearby or touches the toy, causing it to flip, flop, and wiggle all over the place!

How is it powered?
Flippity Fish™ is USB Rechargeable.

How long does the deluxe rechargeable Flippity Fish™ stay charged?
Flippity Fish™ will stay charged for up to 2 weeks. This will vary depending on how frequently your cat is playing with the toy.

Can you wash it?
Yes, Flippity Fish™'s cover is removable and machine washable. Be sure to take out the inner mechanics before washing.

What are the materials?
Flippity Fish™ is made of durable cotton plush with a sealed compartment for the battery and motion action mechanism.

Are these materials safe for my cat?
The Flippity Fish™ materials are durable, safe, and non-toxic, BPA and plthalates-free.


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